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What are brickslips

Brick Slip cladding is cut from actual full size facing bricks, we remove the face of the brick, typically at 20mm thick giving you the full effect of the brick but without all the downsides of having a traditional brick wall built, this opens up the timeless beauty of real clay brick slips to be used in almost any application whether it be for creating a real brick fireplace, an interior brick feature wall or the full brick cladding system of an external building.

Using Brick slips gives you the ability to add value to any project, from creating feature walls to the external cladding system on a rendered or pre fabricated house, often the outlay on brick slips is far smaller than the large gains possible on the resale value.

Brick slips have many applications from internal brick slip feature walls, real brick kitchen splashbacks, brick slip fireplaces, external cladding of rendered properties, and they are a fabulous companion for a timber framed building offering the desired outcome of a real brick finish of a property in a quarter of the timescale of a traditional build.

In doing this it allows Brick Slips to have several advantages over a traditional brick wall, including a reduction in the space used, huge timescale benefits (typically 10 times faster install than traditional brick work, zero downtime (using the correct adhesives the product can be installed in any weather conditions), reduction in cost( this comes from reduced transportation due to the weight saving, reduction in materials used ,reduction in skilled labour (Brick slips are an ideal DIY product), limitless possibilities of installation (brick slips can be installed on almost any background both internally and externally, brick slips can even be installed on overhangs and ceilings!)

All our Brick Slips are cut from the finest bricks available, all our brick slips are manufactured to the stringent BSEN 771–1classificationwhich is the European standard for clay masonry units, and gives you the confidence that our Brick Slips really are the market leaders.

All of our products are manufactured on site using the latest brick cutting technology to ensure our Brick Slips are of the very best quality, once they have been cut they then go through a stringent two stage quality control process.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the suitability of Brick Slips for you project then please do not hesitate to contact us on;

Tel : 0844 567 8811

Our brick tiles in projects

We deliver high quality brick tile cladding at a competitive price across a range of all wall brick tiles to anywhere in the UK and worldwide (Please enquire for oversea's orders). Our bricks have great colouration suitable for tile cladding wall installation and our brick colour can't be achieved without our natural production methods.

We also offer a number of useful Building Services including brick matching, quantity estimates as well as a first class delivery service. Find out more about us Read more about

We're proud to have supplies some of the worlds leading brands and companies with brick tiles!

Why use Brick Tiles?

We are the leading supplier and most efficient hand made brick tiles manufacturer in the UK. We supply brick tiles for brick cladding to retail, trade and oversea customers alike with competitive discounts available for large ordering customers. When starting your project is our bricktiles are cut to standard UK size and are suitable for external as well as internal brick cladding projects.

We always manufacture our brick tiles for your brick cladding project and we have a lot of leading brick colours available so you can clad with design freedom and confidence. Whether cladding under window reveals or working around steps in the structure Brick Tiles UK are the only UK's leading supplier of bricktiles with exactly what you need. Order our brick tile samples to show your the high quality nature of our premium & rustic sample brick tiles.

You can find out more about our brick tiles on our FAQ page or if you would like to contact our expectionally helpful, knowledgable and friendly staff by calling us on 0844 567 8811.
We're activally looking for any architects or interior designers to work with us on possible new projects, so if you've a project that you wish to run past us or even speak with us about please contact us, we'll be happy to assist in the detail that you require.

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