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Welcome to Tom’s Top Tips, the must go to blog for those Brick Tile questions that you might need the answers too. This month’s top customer questions are featured below, Enjoy.

1. What are the advantages of Brick Tiles?

Our tiles can save a lot of space, they ideal for giving an existing facade a complete makeover.

When you install brick tiles to your wall, the reduced thickness has the advantage that you lose less space.

After you have pointing your tiles, the installation will be indistinguishable from a traditional brick wall.

You can ask a tiler or contractor to install your brick tiles, but if it’s a job you would like to do then installing yourself is not a problem.

2. Bricks are available in many colours and textures. Does this also apply to your real brick tiles?

Certainly! After all, our brick cladding is made from real handmade and reclaimed bricks.
The same extensive selection and choice you can have in bricks you also have in our brick cladding tiles.
All of our products are the faces cut from actual real brick.

Our tiles have a thickness of approx. 20mm and you have a great choice from our full product range.

As well as brick tiles, we also have corner tiles that fit perfectly around the edges of windows, doors, walls and fireplaces.

3. Do brick tiles offer the same strength, quality and properties as full bricks?

Strength is a fundamental function of full bricks. All products are industry tested and comply with the usual standards and rules.

Our tiles are a 20mm thin face cut from a real brick. Brick tiles have the same qualitative properties as a full facing brick, and comply with all standards.

Naturally our products are thinner than a usual brick and as a result it cannot have the same structural function.

Unlike bricks, brick tiles are not laid in the same way as you would lay a normal wall. Instead they are glued against the substrate using an adhesive and mortared post installation.

Brick tiles do not have a support function, but they offer the same frost-resistance and weathering properties when used externally.

4. Why are your boxes only half a square meter in size?

Here at Brick Tiles we take your health and safety seriously.

In reality we would love to offer our brick tile products in one square meter boxes, unfortunately due to the weight of the brick cladding we have to offer them in half square meter boxes only.

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