A nation in love with Fireplace Tiles

Whether you are looking for a fireplace that is delicate and ornate, or one that shows strength and dominance, real brick fireplace tiles are just the trick.

As a nation we love our fireplaces. The centre piece of most living rooms and many kitchens, the fireplace adds metaphorical as well as physical warmth.

One of the biggest issues facing the survival of the quintessential fireplace is new build. Modern houses do not have chimneys, chimney breasts or fireplaces. The reasoning is just, as home heating systems and modern building methods have rendered this home staple redundant. This does in turn affect the aesthetic of a home, and can leave living rooms especially feeling plain and bland.

Brick fireplace tiles to the rescue.

You can now add a fireplace without adding any major building or structural work to your home. this is what many new build house buyers are doing.

Real brick tiles allow you to build with limitless capabilities. These ornate slithers of real brick are cut from real handmade and reclaimed bricks. the great thing about these fireplace tiles is that the only limitation you have is what your imagination can concoct.

Where to start

If you are starting from scratch then the easiest option is to create a timber stud chimney breast which comes our from the wall. We would recommend a minimum projection of what we would call a brick and a half, so approx 350mm. By creating this faux breast you are adding realism to your fireplace.

Once you have created your design and built your substrate then all that you need to do is tile it.

Are fireplace tiles flammable?

Fireplace tiles are completely inert, the clay is fired to over 1000 degrees. So providing they are installed correctly and pointed using a fire cement you are fine.

Fireplace Renovation

Although new build accounts for the majority of fireplace brick tile installations, the renovation market holds a decent portion.

Often with old victorian brick fireplaces and just old fireplaces in general. They can deteriorate over time. The great thing about our product range is that you can renovate and restore these focal points with ease. We have a great range of brick tiles and we are confident that we can supply what you need for the job.

If you are renovating and restoring then we would advise ordering some sample brick tiles from us. By ordering samples you are able to offer up the brick in location and compare with what you are looking to create.

We love fireplaces

We absolutely love fireplace tiles and their installs, they are all different and they offer much more creativity than a standard feature wall. If you have used our products and would like to feature as one of our fireplace case studies please do not forget to send us your images. You could be our next big feature home.


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