Deciding on your Brick Wall Tiles

One of the toughest decisions when deciding on new decor is choosing the right product. A choice which from initial conception you may think is easy, until you see the choices available.

Whether you are choosing  paint, flooring, furnishings or tiles the choices available to you can sometimes be confusing.

We hope that we can help, especially when it comes to choosing your brick wall tiles.

If you have made the decision to use our brick wall tiles then the first step is complete. Congratulations you have chosen a company which produces some of the most desirable and premium real clay brick tiles in the UK today.

Traditional or Modern or both!

The next step is deciding what brick wall tiles will work with your project. If you are going for an exposed brick wall look, something either industrial or traditional in flavour would be our recommendation.

Our Urban weathered red will give an industrial look, these brick tiles have a worn yet solid look. Imagine an old warehouse or industrial building. The urban weathered red is fantastic for this look.

Traditional and Rustic

Going more rustic? then we would advise one of our handmade tumbled brick wall tiles.

Olde Bayswater is a rumbled red clay brick, weathered chipped and battered this brick type makes amazing feature walls. Imagine you have peeled back the plaster from your 19th century home, the brick work underneath would look very similar to our Olde Bayswater.

If you like the texture and appearance of the Old Bayswater but would prefer a lighter colour tone, then our New Sandalwood is the brick wall tile for you. The New Sandalwood has all the same appeal but instead of a red clay base this has a buff clay base. Giving lighter and more subtle tones.

Modern brick wall tiles

If you desire a more modern looking brick tile then we would recommend either a monochrome style product like our Manhattan White, silver grey or our monsoon. These products look great within a modern contemporary design. Modern looking and stylish they have instant appeal and work well with most interior colour schemes.

Why wait! place your order today

As easy to install as a standard tile and a million times more effective than wallpaper. Brick wall tiles offer any internal installation the WOW factor.

Everything you need to install your brick tile feature wall is available right here.

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