Our Heritage as the Brick Tile Company

heritage the brick tile company

Our Olde Heritage brick tiles featured

Our Heritage as the Brick Tile Company.

We are the brick tile company that just keeps giving.

Engage with the bricktiles.co.uk experience, you will gain exclusive access to a rich heritage of expertise, service and innovation unlike any other.

  • We are the brick tile company and here at Bricktiles.co.uk we have made it our mission to be a one stop shop for all real clay brick tile needs.
  • A dedicated manufacturer, wholesale distributor and specialist retailer of our products.
  • Uniquely focused on the needs of our customers.


Bricktiles.co.uk create and manufacture a range of unparalleled real clay products.

Driven and committed to providing our customers with excellence on every level.

Our expert team manage every aspect of our range, from designing the products, to selecting the highest quality materials.

In our quest for great products every detail is considered. We really do love the products that we manufacture.


All of our brick tiles are the finest in their class. Every one of our products is actively explored and evaluated for its place within the range.

Our products say a lot about our company and that is why we only use the best clay available.

Our diverse product range represent a state-of-the-art understanding of both traditional and contemporary styles.


Clay is designed to stand the test of time. Our brick tiles are cut to stand the test of time.
We always combine the latest technology with authentic and traditional raw materials to produce a lasting surface.

Our factory is characterised by its:

  • Shared commitment to outstanding quality, detail and durability
  • Skilled operators and technicians with years of training and decades of experience
  • Compliance with the strictest quality standards
  • ROSPA trained staff that hold recognised industry certifications


Our companies commitment to our brand is what defines us.

We are the brick tile company that supplies dreams. We triumph within our field and always give the very best of what we are.

If you have any enquiry’s  then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

One of our highly skilled team will be more than happy to help.

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