Real Clay Brick Tiles – Feature Wall

real-clay-brick-tiles-feature-wallReal clay brick tiles offer a superior solution to creating the perfect feature wall.

Paint and wallpaper offer very little in texture or appearance. If your room needs a designer rejuvenation and a feature that puts your property on the map. Then you need a real clay brick tile feature wall.

What wall do I Tile?

The simple answer is you can tile any wall as long as it is structurally sound.

Here are some fantastic examples of our real clay brick tiles being used as feature walls.

What tile do I use?

We have over 30 different off the shelve brick tiles and hundreds of real clay brick tiles that can be custom cut. Our range covers the modern monochrome colours and textures like our Monsoon brick tiles. We also cover the worn and traditional textures like our Olde Bayswater brick tiles.

The range really does have something for every taste.

Kitchen Brick Tiles

This fantastic installation showcases a superbly executed feature wall. This installation proves how amazing brick tiles look on a kitchen wall.


Bathroom Brick Tiles

Sealed with either a Matt sealant or Gloss sealant, brick tiles work really well within bathrooms and washrooms. This wonderfully simple design really brings a homely feel to this bathroom.


Living Room Brick Tiles

Living rooms really do benefit from brick tile magic. Whether its a fireplace, round windows or one focal wall. Brick tiles work harmoniously in bringing soft textures and bold colours together.


Easy to install

It may seem daunting from the offset but real brick tiles are simple and easy to install. When you have decided on which wall you would like to tile then you simply treat the product in the same way you would treat a standard porcelain tile. Using a rapid setting adhesive, tile spacers and a jointing grout your installation will take no time at all.

Just do it!

Its simple, just have a go! With a library of information and a great team of professionals. BrickTiles is always on hand to offer advice and help for our customers throughout the build.

Working with real clay brick tiles is something which any DIY minded person would relish and enjoy.

So why not give it a go!






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