Working out with White Brick Tiles

White brick tiles have surged in popularity over recent months and when you take a look at the results they yield it is easy to see why.

As a special treat we are going to take a look at how these wonderful Manhattan white brick tiles have helped to lift this gym to new heights.

Manhattan White brick tiles

The great thing about Manhattan white is the crisp and clean nature of the finished product. As you can see from these images from Fly Fitness.

The white clay helps to keep a calming and neutral look throughout. This contrasts extremely well against all the gym equipment.

Artistic, bold and extremely versatile. Our Manhattan White brick tiles are a strong favorite for use within Gyms, sports centers, offices and retail outlets.

As always, when using white brick tiles, the biggest pull factor is that you instantly get the crisp and clean look without doing any further work.

This Design

With wellness as a major theme within this modern gym, the designers have made use of space light and ambiance to create a stunning workout area.

The gym area gym boasts everything needed to help maintain a healthy routine. Incorporating a full range of modern fitness equipment, which includes bikes, treadmills, cross-trainers, stepper and rowers.

The addition of our Manhattan white in the fitness studio adds a whole new design angle. Having a traditional loft style theme, the room has a calm and transient feel to it.

Get planning

Manhattan is not just a great product for commercial spaces, this product works equally as well in residential settings and main room feature walls.

If you are planning a new project you can order your white brick tile samples here.

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