Brick wall tiles have function and style

brick wall tiles have function and styleIn addition to being a refreshing addition to any designed installation, brick wall tiles have function and style!

Brick Tiles are a wonderfully simple product that work to solve a wide range of practical design and installation issues.

Here are four ways in which our quality Brick Tiles can work with a design.

Repairs to External Brickwork and walls

When the weather has taken its toll and the occasional brick has a blown face then using our products is a convenient way to patch up the surface.

Brick tiles are a great working renovation product. Our products work great both externally or internally where brickwork has eroded and crumbled away.

In most cases it is possible to cut badly eroded areas of brick work away using power tools. Replacing the damaged areas afterwards using our Brick Tiles offers a real clay solution to the repair work.

Look at our extensive product range, matching your brickwork has never been easier.

Faux Chimneys

When planning is strict, building works can often come under scrutiny.

Faux chimneys are rapidly becoming popular in rural and country settings. Using brick tiles on a GRP allow the property to be modified and bypass criteria that is often imposed by planning councils.

The use of brick tile corners is highly advisable when building a faux chimney as they add a genuine brick built look.

Space Limitations

Where space is at a premium, brick tiles allow you to add a feature wall internally using a fraction of the space required when building an traditional brick wall.

Coupled with the disruption and logistics of building an actual brick wall, installing our brick tiles is the only sensible choice.

Architectural Detailing

Brick tiles are a fantastic product that help to solve the problems that reveals, corners and detailed areas can cause.

The brick tiles provide an attractive realistic finish to corners and reveals. Due to the thickness they enable the installer to work within tight hard to reach areas such as window reveals and brick fireplaces.

Sometimes its easy to pre fabricate areas using pre-assembled components like timber framed ply moulds. These structures can then be faced with brick tiles and  fastened at a later time.

In a similar way arches and faux pillars can be constructed pre installation and clad before putting up on site.


Brick wall tiles have function and style!

The functionality and adaptability of this great product means that brick tiles really are a top product.


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