What are Brick Tiles

what are brick tiles

A simple but yet obvious question .. What are brick tiles?

In simple terms Brick tiles are a quick modern and cost-effective material for finishing an interior or exterior wall without having to construct an actual wall.

The great thing about tile range is that they can rejuvenate or disguise a wall covering with ease.

Our Brick tiles are used to re face the exterior of existing houses, provide commercial establishment or retail outlet a wall covering that sets them apart from the rest

All of our Brick tiles are expertly cut from the faces of real handmade and reclaimed bricks.

Yes!! we slice directly from the face of a traditional building brick.

A cut above the rest

To replicate the appearance of a conventional brick, our product range will create a convincing feature wall with ease.

Our Brick tiles are perfect for both a contemporary or traditional look,  this range is available in a large selection of styles, textures and colours.

Are they made from real bricks?

Preformed or manufactured Brick Tiles are made from modifying the manufacturing of conventional bricks.

The extruded clay is and fired before being baked in kiln. Sometimes this process leaves the end product looking unrealistic and can look inferior. Although this is not how we produce our products, it will provide you with a real clay product.

Real brick tiles like the ones here at bricktiles.co.uk are cut from the face of standard clay bricks.

The brick tiles that we product offer our clients a more authentic method of cladding.

Brick tile Material

All of our tiles are made from real clay and are 100% authentic.

The tiles are carefully cut,selected and boxed using a state of the art production facility.

At bricktiles.co.uk we only use the best reclaimed, traditional and handmade bricks available on the market.

Providing Quality

We know how much experience is worth in helping you get the best product for your projects.

Quality and consistency are key to our products being the best brick tile products available in the UK.


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