Cream Brick Tiles that inspire!

Cream brick tiles offer the perfect palette of tones to compliment your interior design. If you’re looking to inject a bit of character into your home, cream brick tiles are just the wall covering you have been looking for.

he great thing about cream or buff based clay is the natural colour. Cream brick tiles like our New Sandalwood brick tiles have an earthy, natural, buff colour and an irresistibly rustic charm.

Cream Brick Tiles are so versatile

Our range of buff and cream brick tiles suite both contemporary and traditional settings. The handmade textured finish of the New Sandalwood brick tiles means that every single slip is unique. This unique product looks amazing within a traditional setting.

The grey and brown flairs within the more square cut Camden brick tiles have a more modern and current look.

Our product selection has buff and cream tiles that exhibit various colouring and textural features.

Their amazing colour palette spans light buff and brown with flashes of creams, darks and the occasional hint of gold. In other words, a wall clad in our buff and cream brick tiles is not just any wall.

Sandalwood brick tiles

The distinctive appearance of the New Sandalwood brick tiles makes it one of the most popular choices for feature walls.

The weathering and tumbling techniques we use create a delicious randomness both in colour and texture which looks great when the bricks are used across large areas.

This distinctive look will bring any room to life.

Paired with natural wood worktops in country cottage kitchens or a retro leather sofa and colourful modern art in your city centre pad.

New Sandalwood brick tiles can transform any room into something straight out of an interior design magazine.

Camden brick tiles

Camden brick tiles are a perfect contemporary choice as they are made from a light buff clay base.

With a light variance in colour and texture these bricks lips create a very soothing and modern canvas across the majority of spaces.

The surface texture on this cream brick tile is not too creased and is not tumbled this makes the brick slip very pleasing to the modern design trends.

Choose Cream

With unique and uncompromising natural charm buff and cream brick tiles are an option you definatly do not want to overlook.

This style of brick tile is both cool and welcoming with sumptuous cream tones, these brick tiles can effortlessly transform any room in both contemporary and traditional settings.

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