What makes our Brick Tiles so good?

Ok we admit it. We love our Real brick tiles!!!

It is almost expected for all manufacturers and companies to tout that their product is the best. They should !

Belief in the goods you produce is fundamental as this enables companies to monetizing the product and push it to becoming commercially successful.

As a company we constantly push our own boundaries of comfort, we are always looking to produce new and exciting products which open up new design options for our customers.

Our products being highly acclaimed can be seen in many high profile offices, retail outlets and restaurants.

We know our real brick tiles are the best, but just in case you don’t, here is why!

100% Clay, Real brick tiles

All of our real brick tiles are manufactured from 100% Clay, they are made from real handmade, reclaimed and machine made bricks.

You will not find plaster or concrete brick tiles here. Our brick tiles are 100% real brick clay.


Vast Range

Our massive portfolio boasts over 50 product ranges, all manufactured right here in the UK. We have traditional real brick tiles, reclaimed real brick tiles, contemporary real brick tiles and engineering grade brick tiles. There really is a brick tile for every eventuality.

Don`t believe us take a look.

Hand Selected

We use machines to process and cut our real brick tiles, making sure the cutting and tolerances are just right.

Once the bricks have been cut we hand pick the real brick tiles and fill every box by hand. This is our final quality check as any brick tiles which haven’t met the standard are rejected.

We take the time to ensure that the products you get are all checked before dispatch, giving you peace of mind.

We cut corners

When we say we cut corners we don’t mean that in the metaphoric sense but literally.

Cutting corners is no easy task, a lot of manufacturers opt for a cut and bond method where two pieces are cut and then bonded together using epoxy.

This method is great but you can sometimes lose the be-livability factor once the installation is complete.

Our ethos is to always do the best, that is why all of our Corner brick tiles are cut from a single brick. It takes machine operators with great skill and experience to master the art of corner cutting and we have the best and most talented cutters in the industry.


At BrickTiles we are constantly re-investing in our company. This re-investment allows us to constantly push the front line forward and bring new and exciting products to market.

Even now we are just about to commission our third fully automated cutting line. This investment allows for us to meet demand and gives room for further expansion of our product portfolio. More choice for our customers and even quicker lead times.

We believe in what we do!

Our self belief conquers all! As a company we wouldn’t be so successful with what we do if we didn’t have self belief.

We love of our customers, our products and our business, and that’s why we believe our products are the best.

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