Brick Tile – Splash Back Special

One of the subjects we get questioned about the most here at brick tiles is brick tile splash backs.   Can brick tiles be used, well ermmm yeah!

Here we have our top 4 tips when installing brick tile splash backs in your kitchen project.

Brick tile splash backs are not just a practical feature within a kitchen, guarding against the everyday spills and splatters of a working kitchen. They offer an unique and powerfull feature bringing modern and traditional styles together.

Highly desirable and functional, real brick tile splash backs work a treat in residential kitchens.

If you are looking to install Brick tiles in a kitchen and are looking to include a  splash back then please read on for our top 4 tips.

1: Use real brick tiles not full bricks

It sounds like we are stating the obvious but rebuilding internal walls and creating new brick walls is not easy. Installing a solid brick splash back involves laying bricks over an existing wall.

Always use real brick tiles to achieve this look. Cut from genuine clay brick, brick tiles will allow you to recreate the aged allure of a brick wall with all the benefits of an easy installation.

2: Have the right tools for the job

If you are planning to install brick tiles yourself then you will certainly need the tools for the job. We offer a one stop shop and all accessories and tools can be found under the accessories section of our website. Getting the right tools will make your job easier and will ensure that you experience no setbacks or delays.

To put it simply, you will need a notched adhesive trowel to apply your adhesive. You will need our brick tile spacers to use for spacing out the mortar joint.

If you are using gun injection mortar then ou will need a mortar pointing gun and a brick jointer to finish the pointing.

We always recommend brushing over the surface with a stiff brush post installation, this will remove any dust and mortar remnants.

A wire brush can be used to brush off an stubborn mortar leftovers. Please be careful when using the wire bush as over use can damage the brick surface.

3: Sealing your real brick tiles

As a general rule of thumb, real brick tiles do not need sealing. Brick tile splash backs on the other hand do need sealing. Weather resistant and robust, brick within a cooking area can take some hammer so it is definitely worth giving the area a quick seal just to be sure.

Using either a Matt sealer or a gloss sealer will help to keep dirty air and moisture out and help to repel any nasty stains and splashes that can occur.

It is worth noting that sealants will only defend against staining and they do not offer a full stain protection.

4: Keep your real brick tile splash back clean

All real brick tiles contain a porous surface, coupled with surface undulations and deep recesses of mortar joints. Any uneven surface can be prone to grime build up and stains. Cleaning them is simple and easy.

Avoid being heavy handed when cleaning and never be tempted to use an acid or abrasive.

A simple warm water, soap and salt mixture with a light touch will remove most marks and stains and leave your real brick tile splash back looking new again in no time.

Real Brick tiles make Splash Backs easy!

So there you have it, 4 simple tips to follow when using real brick tiles for use on kitchen splash backs.

Kitchens are a focal point in any household, an area that promotes community and warmth.

Finally worth noting that bathrooms also benefit from real brick tiles, sink splash backs look amazing when incorporated within a modern bathroom design.

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