Using brick tiles for kitchen projects

The most important room within a home is without doubt the kitchen. This focal family room is often the hub of social interaction and the area which sees the most activity.

Having a functional kitchen is one thing but making it into a room of exquisite quality takes a great deal of effort.

A good design and some key quality materials are all that stand in the way of making a dream kitchen a reality.

Designing in brick tiles for kitchen projects.

Most designs follow a fundamental design path, modern or traditional? The great thing is that for either path brick tiles work amazingly well into a design.

Traditional brick tiles for kitchen projects

Some of our most popular brick tiles for kitchen use are our rumbled and handmade products.

Our Olde Bayswater Blend and Olde Grange. Along with New Sandalwood and Olde Watermill work incredibly well within a traditional kitchen design.

The great drawing nature of these style brick tiles is their texture and appearance. The way that they exhibit the exposed wall look and automatically dissolve to become part of a buildings history and look.

A popular method of using traditional looking brick tiles is to couple them with warm and rustic timbers. The walls ceiling and flooring give age to a building, this allows the designer more free reign to go wild with fixtures and appliances.

Modern brick tiles for kitchen projects

When it comes to modern kitchen styling, our more popular brick tiles for kitchen use are our monochrome range and our water struck styled products.

Monsoon, Silver grey, Manhattan white and Atom grey make up the monochrome range. These brick slips when used with ultra modern kitchens ooze style and sophistication.

Urban Weathered red and some of our more modern brick types work well by not drawing too much focus to the wall surface and instead allow the design of the fixtures to do the talking./

Colour is a main attribute within modern kitchen design, usually a small selected pallet of tones is all that is required for brick tiles in modern kitchens to work.

Three main things to consider

If you are thinking of using brick tiles for your kitchen project then there are three main things to consider.

1: Location

Are you planning on using brick tiles in the whole kitchen or do you want them for a certain feature wall.Our recommendation would be to go for a feature all. Usually the best wall to apply brick tiles is the inside of an external wall. This is because naturally bricks are used for the construction of exterior walls.

If you were going for an exposed look this would make the tiling tie in with the buildings structure and appeal.

2: To seal of not to seal

We always advise that all brick tiles that are being used in a kitchen should be sealed. This is done after installation.

Sealing is not stain protector but it will help to keep the surface protected.

A sealant will make the surface of the brick tile hydrophobic meaning that water and such should bead off the surface leaving no marks.

We would always say a minimum of two sealant coats is required for lasting protection.

3: Fixtures and Fittings

Once brick tiles are installed you can drill, anchor and fix to them like you would any other wall. The processes and methods are exactly the same.

We always recommend drilling brick tiles using a quality masonry drill bit. Making sure the substrate underneath can take the weight of anything you are fixing to it.


Final Thought

Be creating, be bold and most of all be you. There are no hard and fast rules for using brick tiles for kitchen installations. We only offer our guidance.

Our customers have choices a plenty with over 50 different styled products to choose from.

Start you’re brick tiled kitchen now.

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