Modern Office Design and Brick Tiles

Modern office design has come a long way in recent years. With employee wellbeing increasingly under the spotlight and a greater emphasis on work/life balance, dingy, dated office environments just won’t cut it anymore.

But with businesses large and small feeling the pinch under the pressure of the coronavirus outbreak, a full office refurb is probably not on the cards right now so how do you give your office a facelift without breaking the bank?

The answer is brick tiles! Cut from real brick and applied to internal walls like tiles,brick tiles are one of the quickest and most effective ways to transform your office space. This design concept oozes effortless chic and can instantly give an uninspiring room a cool industrial feel.

How to use brick tiles in modern office design

There are dozens of different ways to incorporate brick slips into your office environment, making them one of the most flexible materials in modern office design.

One of the most popular ways to use brick tiles is in an office reception feature wall. Offering a contemporary yet traditional look, it makes a great first impression for business clients and gives a nice warm welcome to employees arriving at work to start their day.

Paired with industrial light fixtures, this modern office design makes an impact in any office space.

Brick tiles can also be used to compartmentalise an open plan office space by, for example, highlighting a break out area or differentiating between different teams or departments. Incorporating a mixture of different materials in an open plan office breaks up the space and adds an element of visual interest.

Materials that promote wellbeing

It’s amazing what a difference the materials used in office design can have on the energy within a room. Brick evokes feelings of comfort and home which is why it has become so popular in offices up and down the country. Studies have shown that providing employees with a pleasant place to work has a huge impact on feelings of wellbeing and can inspire creativity.

So, in addition to giving your office a facelift, incorporating brick tiles into your modern office design could well give your employees a mental health boost too!

Give your business a boost today!

When a full office refurb is not affordable or practical, brick tiles provide the perfect solution. Something as simple as a decorative brick wall can instantly transform an office environment with very little disruption, creating a fresh new look that will give you, your business and workforce a much needed boost.

Equally, brick tiles can also be part of a full office refurb and used extensively to create an authentic industrial warehouse feel.

Whatever modern office design you’re envisaging, here at we’re sure to have a product for you.

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